FAQs about Khan SMM

We will reimburse in partial amount whenever it happens. Mainly it builds assurance between you and us suppose we promised to deliver 1000 Facebook likes for 10$ then you placed an order, and the outcome does not match let us assume it delivered only 900 likes so in that case, we will partially refund the amount to you which is 1$ in this case.

You must have to verify whether your mentioned order is in a correct limit or not. Suppose the order is about 1000 likes and you need it in 10 spares of time, and you submitted with 1000 likes per spare time which leads an error because of 10*1000 =10000 which doesn't allow to run that order.
Some SMM services may take more time in several situations so make sure that you aware of expecting at least 60 mins to start if you put interval less than the mentioned service start time it will lead to failure in your order.

It is effortless to make bulk orders you may have your service id if you do not have service id register with us and login to the website through that service id, and make your choice according to it. Suppose for three Instagram accounts you need 1000 followers each after completing the order within the given time, and your results will be shown to you.
Example – You want to place an order for 1000 Instagram followers for 3 Instagram accounts then you can use mass order! Consider your profile links are https://instagram.com/username1, https://instagram.com/username2, & https://instagram.com/username3 and package id and quantity 210 & 1000 respectively.
Format is package_id|quantity|link
Your results will be looked like :
So with one order, you can place the order for multiples accounts.

Cancel and refill buttons are to refer whether to put the order or to cancel it. This button fires an action to cancel or refill the particular order.
In certain conditions these triggers will not work correctly, it just goes with the flow, but sometimes your order may not require a refill or your order may not be canceled for specific reasons.

To activate your PayPal account there are some requirements that your account must have a spend of $100 with us then you can fire a message to us from our online complaint box with your account username and id we will confirm, your PayPal automatic payment method will be activated within 24 hours for your account.
You can use it whenever you want, and this is the most preferred payment method across the world.

While surfing YouTube if you found an interesting comment and you want to share that with your friends and families at the right of the commenter's username, right-click on time since posting (5 minutes ago, 1 day ago, etc., and copy the link. That link takes you directly to that comment by showing highlighted comment.

Instagram mentions are just like tags on Facebook, e.g., you found an interesting post on Facebook, and you tagged your friend in the comment section by giving a name. Just like that Instagram mention works preceded by "@" e.g., @username in this way the next updates and comments on that post will alert you the content they want to see you.

Instagram impressions show user base and fan following of yours. It gives information about the number of users till date has viewed your content, whether it is a story or any post or any content. To know it better if your Instagram reach is higher than impressions, you have to understand that the followers are viewing your post multiple times.